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My grandmother, Terry LaBarck- who we lovingly call "Mommom"- has been surviving with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) for over 30 years. PKD is a painful, inherited and incurable disease in which fluid-filled cysts grow on the kidneys and other internal organs. This causes severe pain, hypertension (high blood pressure), aneurysms, and eventual kidney failure. While Mommom (Terry) goes to dialysis three times a week, she is now in end stage kidney failure. #PKD is shutting down her kidneys and she desperately needs a kidney transplant to survive. She is officially listed at Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC) in Hackensack, NJ. Our hope, as a family, is to find Mommom a living donor- and give her the gift of life. 

A transplant from a living donor would mean that Mommom wouldn’t have to wait years for a transplant- or spend the rest of her life on dialysis. Time is running out, and we are putting our hearts in our hands- asking for your help. If you are interested in becoming a donor, or want to learn more about living donation, the staff at Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC) is available to speak to at 551-996-2000. You can fill out either donor form listed below, or email us at You can also reach out through our website form. Follow us on all social media pages (Links are above) to get updates on Mommom's condition- and to join our campaign. Our primary goal is to educate about Polycystic Kidney Disease- and stop at NOTHING until we get #AKidneyForMommom !!

Thank you in advance for your support. It’s greatly appreciated.

-TJ Sullivan (Terry's Grandson & Campaign Director)

UPDATE: Press Release on the "A Kidney For Mommom" Campaign


Beginning Sunday, January 29th, the “A Kidney For Mommom” campaign will kick into overdrive as we continue to try to find a living kidney donor for our beloved wife, mother, friend, and Mommom (grandmother)- Terry LaBarck. Our continued mission is to educate about Mommom (Terry’s) battle with Polycystic Kidney Disease- and how important organ donation is- to save lives. We are hopeful that we will find a kidney to save Mommom’s life.

  • We are happy to reveal a new and improved logo for the “A Kidney For Mommom” campaign (See above.)- This is a significant update from our previous logo. Our new logo is clean and visually striking- and now includes a photo of two hands wrapping around a pair of kidneys- a beautiful symbol of community, love and support for Mommom (Terry) and the campaign.

  • We have officially relaunched our campaign website, effectively named which will provide information on the history of our campaign, photos and notifications of past and current events, updates on Mommom (Terry’s) condition, and our NEW Merchandise Store!

  • Our social media campaign includes photos, videos and updates on Mommom (Terry’s) condition. Find us on Facebook at ... Find us on Instagram at ... Find us on Twitter @akidney4mommom and Find us on TikTok @akidneyformommom ... you may also click on the social media icons at the top of our website's "Home" Page- which will take you directly to these pages.

  • NEW “A Kidney For Mommom” hoodies- in most sizes (MD, LG, XL, 2XL) will be sold on our websites and social media sites, effective February 1st 2023. These new hoodies will include our updated logos and information on our website/search for a kidney donor.

  • NEW “A Kidney For Mommom” Merchandise (Including: Custom Tumblers, Coffee Mugs, Baseball Caps, Bumper Stickers, Lawn Signs, Pens, Post-It Notes, etc.) will be sold on our websites and social media sites, effective February 1st 2023. This NEW MERCH will include our updated logo and information on our website/search for a kidney donor.

  • NEW “A Kidney For Mommom” Flyers and Business cards will be available and dispersed to all local businesses. They will also be available to the public in bulk to hand out or put out at their local businesses and township bulletins.

  • The “A Kidney For Mommom” campaign is happy to announce new and updated ways of coverage on our campaign efforts, including news media (online news articles; newspapers; and advertisements.)

  • The “A Kidney For Mommom” campaign will be featured on a NEW episode of the “Making It Podcast” with campaign organizer, TJ Sullivan. The podcast episode will include guest speakers.

  • The “A Kidney For Mommom” campaign will be hosting NEW Community Fundraisers in 2023- dedicated to educating and raising awareness on Polycystic Kidney Disease; and Mommom (Terry’s) fight against the disease. We will also be raising vital funds for research and the PKD Foundation. We will be selling “A Kidney For Mommom” merchandise (Hoodies; Bumper Stickers; Lawn Signs and MORE); along with offering food/beverage refreshments.

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